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Below you will find video clips that are assigned for out of class assignments. Directions for notetaking and questions will be provided in class.

Independence Podcast

Below you will find the directions on how to produce your podcast.


The video below is what a podcast should look and sound like.


How to Look at Primary Sources

Click on the link below to watch the video on primary sources.

Looking At Primary Sources

Colonial America

The colonization of North America began in the 1600’s as various groups of people looked for a better life than the one they had in England and other European countries. As you watch the video about the Mayflower identify the reasons people came to the New World. Are these reasons similar to the reasons immigrants come to the United States today?


The Value of Tobacco

Religion in the Colonies

Boston Massacre

The Constitution

When the Constitution was created by the Framers, there was special consideration to make sure no one branch of government became too powerful.  This is ensured by the separation of powers.  Watch the movie below as the separation of powers are explained for a tree map assignment.

Separation of Powers



Civil War

The Civil War was a result of the divisions over slavery and states rights. The end result was a nation torn apart by four years of battles that took over 600.000 lives and property damage that easily went over a 15 billion dollars.

1. Watch the videos below and then submit a question using the Google Form found on Edmodo regarding the Civil War. For example, I wonder how freed slaves fought in the war?
2. Using the Google form, answer the first question about how the war started.
3. Using the Google Form, submit three additional questions from the related videos below.
The Civil War Begins

Greatest Myth of Civil War

The Battles


Sherman’s March to the Sea

The Generals
Grant and Lee

Stonewall Jackson: How did he die?

The Weapons

The Food

Women of the War

Below you will find resources and links for students in the area of online quizzes and videos that are used for instruction

CST 8th Grade Review

First Semester

Second Semester

Reviewing for the CST in history can be boring, but here is a solution. Use the Powerpoint link to create you thinking maps and then try this quiz below to see how well you remember your 6th grade content.

6th Grade Review- plain student

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