Amendment Projects

In your groups you will be creating an iMovie, poster or PowerPoint based upon the amendment of your choice and using the depth and complexity icons of origins, over time, and  details and the content imperative icon contribution .   In your presentation you need to include the following:  how the amendment originated, specific details regarding the amendment such as court cases, how has the amendment changed since its inception or ratification, and how the amendment contributes to the betterment of our society. For example, the sixth amendment would look something like this:

Origins- English Bill of Rights.  Why did the Framers include this amendment

Over Time – defendants were not always guaranteed a fair trial by jury for reasons relating to color or gender.  Give specific history of how the amendment has changed with the times.

Details – Gideon vs Wainwright in which defendant was required to defend himself unsuccessfully. Use an actual court case and provide the outcome of the case.

Contribution – All people regardless of color, gender or ethnicity are guaranteed a fair speedy trial in our  nation. People cannot be held in jail for unreasonable amounts of time.  Moreover, people of color can receive a fair trial now, whereas 30 years ago a fair trial was not always the norm. How does this make our society better?

Research and Production

Your work should be divided up into the following categories:

Researcher- look up and document information about the amendment including citing web sites.

Producer – create movie/poster

Image Researcher – utilize internet to download images relevant to your presentation and to use in the iMovie or poster

Script Writer – if using iMovie write out script to be recorded as narration to the movie. Use Garage Band to record and find background music.

The iMovie

I will give a short lesson in class on the use of iMovie. Below are some basics on inserting images into your Imovie

imovie1 and images